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Vulcan Productions | Website Redesign
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Collaboratively work together to uncover insights about our audience, website needs, and formulate the most compelling achievable direction forward.
• Relate key audience insights impacting the experience of Vulcan Productions films & projects. 
• Create impactful content aligned with the brand development of key Impact moments from each of Vulcan Productions films & projects. 
• Differentiated approach to digital content that is user-centric and creative in visual presentation. 
• Best digital practices and innovative approach to functionality and technical expertise
• Improvements to the layout, narrative, and information architecture. 

Vulcan Productions Redesign 
Role: Sr. User Experience Designer.  
Team: 1 UX Director, 1 Sr. UX (Me), 1 PM, 1 CD, 1 Sr. Designer, 1 Technology Director, Sr. FE Dev
Timeline: 5 Months 
The Design / UX Process starts with definition and clarity where we produced an Experience Brief 

Vulcan Productions had a challenge on their hands as their sight was in need of help. Some images of what we redesigned. 
We started to understand our Problem more clearly through a Problem Statement 
We Defined our Users with Proto - Personals & Empathy Maps 
We then go close to defining the need and goals of our Users and defined some Empathy Goals
Before we could dive into finding a solution forward, we engage in an exercise We Are / We Are Not allowing us to personify and put some language around the Vulcan Production Brand. 
We Produced a Perthshire Brand Wheel to keep Vulcan Productions aware of what we discussed in the workshop and also as an artifact they could continue to use as their Brand evolves. 
Our Positioning Statement outlined clearly what we want to go after and defined our goals for the Vulcan Productions Brand as well as what we hope to get out of the investment of building a new website. 
After the workshop we could then get down to UX strategy and Interaction Logic
We built Wireframes & Prototypes using : Illustator / Sketch / Invision 
The Design & Development teams then Executed Design Directions
Final website design + development
1. Vulcan Productions had 30% uptick in film maker submissions. 
2. Vulcan Production had a 50% increase in web traffic.
3. Website won W3 awards
4. Paul Allan was "pleased" with the update.  (We never had an audience with him) 
5. Website and design rebrand continues to grow and house more films 6 years on from the project.
Vulcan Productions | Website Redesign


Vulcan Productions | Website Redesign

Vulcan Productions Website Redesign