Memento Mori,
a collaboration between Beau & Shoot Studio 
Memento Mori, a collaboration of Shoot Studio and Beau 
Director: Jean-François Gratton / Shoot Studio
Creative director: Nikolaos Lerakis / Beau
Artistic directors: Nikolaos Lerakis & Mariane Vaillancourt / Beau
Director of photography: Jean-François Gratton & Pierre Manning / Shoot Studio
Project management: Geneviève Croteau / Shoot Studio 
Producer: Kristia Louis-Seize / Shoot Studio
Production coordinator : Amélie Desjardins / Shoot Studio
Camera: Matt Charland / Shoot Studio 
Camera: Martin Gros
Editing : Nikolaos Lerakis / Beau Studio 
Coloration: Colin Beaudry & Martin Gros / Chop Chop Film 
Music supervision: Cult Nation 
Tech lighting: Sébastien Roussel
Assistant : Alexandre Couture
Set design: Luidgi
Stylist: Maude Boisjoly - Dulcedo
Make-up & hair: Ashley Diabo & Charlotte Flannery - Dulcedo 
Manicure : Elfi - Dulcedo 
Models :
Camilia /  Dulcedo
Dante /  Dulcedo
Xavier Malo
Milly / Dulcedo 
Pablo / Dulcedo
Sand - Dulcedo
Special thanks to: Cinépool + Duldeco Models + Dulcedo Artists + Jean-François Lemire + Hans Laurendeau
Memento Mori

Memento Mori

The short is a mysterious contemplation of the ambiguity of beginings and ends and the subtleties of defining turning points. Love and ferocity, Read More