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    Phase II Series Poster
Preserving the traditions behind 10 Traditional Chinese Dishes Cultural Preservation
Phrase II - 3 Series Posters
This project is to create 3 pieces of A2 Informative Series Posters to present my research findings in a glance. The purpose is to design attention, recognition and appreciation to these 10 dishes. This project is about the preservation of the declining cultures of traditional Chinese food. Nowadays, people do not adopt these preservation practices because they are not aware of the critical stage that traditional Chinese food is facing. In addition, they might know the names of the traditional food but they might not understand the history behind them.

I have picked 10 different type of traditional Chinese food to work on. They consists of 45 ingredients, 7 traditions and 62 meanings, telling the target audience the meanings of the food and which occasion the food is being practice.

3 Series Posters
had fun designing this poster. The use of 3 distinct colours helps to develop a graphical feel and bring liveliness to the aesthetics of the poster. The interesting part of this project is that I created the illustrations based on the real product packaging.