Wristwatch 2011
Syzygy: from Late Latin syzygia (“conjunction”), from ancient greek (syzygos, “yoked together”). a kind of unity, namely an alignment of three celestial bodies (for example, the sun, earth, and moon). this was the inspiration for this idea not to use two pointers and use two plates instead. 

Hours, minutes, seconds interconnected to each other and to us constantly mutating. Syzygy analogic display features the alignments between the hours, minutes and seconds presenting the actual time to the user using the circle as a unit for the display. The display is composed by two rotating plates with a gap between. a half circle features the place for the hours in the inner plate and minutes in the outer plate, seconds are shown in a circle between plates by a pointer. In the center of the inner plate the logo of breil follows the never ending movement of time. Bracelet adapts to the wrist due to the outer surface in stainless and the inner shell textile in different colors.