App (Climate change with a human twist)
Decentralized climate change awareness app that turns into a triple bottom line lifestyle and e-commerce site.
(people, planet, profit)

This was Google/ Creative Lab 5 challenge. The challenge was to see what you could do with a simple text bar. The original design was a Super Bowl ad created by Google's Creative Lab 5 How to Impress a French Girl.

My design is remake of the original but my focus is on people and climate change, creating a "what you can do to help website". 

The goal was to simplify climate change and make it relevant to people based on lifestyle consumption patterns (habits) and geo-specific locations for public health safety (awareness). 

California for example allocates 80% of it states water to its agriculture sector and has nuclear power plant sitting on a fault line. Climate change highlights under-appreciated vulnerabilities in U.S. public health, food and energy infrastructure. 

A notification (slow motion butterfly wing flap) is sent when a change in ocean-salinity occurs.

Imagine scaling the ocean conveyer belt.  A video here or visual here When the ratio of fresh to salt water in the ocean changes it affects the currents affecting the climate, cloud patterns, weather and agricultural output. Agricultural as a none GDP core inflation input.

I'm playing off of the weather and what's in proximity to people, what they can see and feel. 

Once a notification is sent the website appears, displaying information on how to help or slow down our contribution to climate change.  

Humans didn't cause climate change but we are contributing to it. The earth has it's own metabolic process or rotation of change. It has to do with axis angle and balance and electricity amongst other things.  

Another part of the problem is that as the ice caps melt they release stored biomass, further snowballing the problem of climate change and oceanic dead zones. Dead zones are cause by a lack of oxygen and over accumulation of algae biomass. (Algae encouraged to grow by the synthetic nitrogen fertilizers we use to grow and maximize crop yields.) Without oxygen for catabolic processes to occur, the ocean can't breakdown the biomass. Oceanic acidity is also caused by this butterfly effect as well as loss of coral reefs and their subsequent inhabitants.
Solutions provided on the website could vary from earth-friendly products and triple bottom line companies to DYI solutions and supporting what comes from the ground -  famers markets and eating locally for soil quality, to providing a list of co-operatives, restaurants and initiatives like carbon sinking

Products and Platforms (Potential Ad Revenue)
Lyft (ride sharing)
Lab grown diamonds (celebrating)
Fashion resale and rental websites (ThreadUp, Rent The Runway, Still White)
Fabric and textile (Bolt Threads, Thread International)
Print media (Modern Farmer Magazine, Darling Magazine) 
Eating In (tried and tested recipes for slowing down, saving money, connecting and eating in (food as prescription))
Giving (investment platforms and 501(c)(3)s like Harvest Returns and the National Young Farmers Coalition)

Inspiration: Gwyneth Paltrow's company Goop but with a more down to earth better, price point feel.​​​​​​​
App (Climate change with a human twist)

App (Climate change with a human twist)

Climate change with a human twist.
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