Nestlé NEST Interactive exhibits
Touch, Kinect and VR-based interactives

Nestlé celebrates its 150-year existence in 2016. 
For that reason, a dedicated Nestle museum is opened in Vevey, Switzerland, that covers all the history of Nestlé. 
We were asked to develop some of the interactive installations that run in the museum.

Tinker Imagineers

Visitors get a tour through history viewing and experiencing a variety of settings.

For all these exhibits we did the technical setup, developed the software and implemented it
onsite to communicate with the streaming audio system, light systems and so on.

This project was realized in collaboration with Marald Bes /

More information:

[ Food visions - Bilion bits and pieces ]
Two Kinect controlled games that can be played by the visitor
[ Food visions - Nutricion at work ]
A digital interactive mirror that reflects the visitors movements and shows the impact of a Nestlé product choosen by the user.
[ Food visions - Know what you need and eat ]
Visitors are able to get a 360 video tour with the use of state of the art VR goggles.
We developed all technical aspects and software.
[ Piazza - Engagement Wall ]
At the end of the tour the visitor can leave a message on the multi screen engagement wall.
The birds deliver the message.
[ Roots - Memory game ]
A Nestlé themed touchscreen memory game for the kids.
Photos: Mike Bink
The NEST, Vevey, Switzerland

The NEST, Vevey, Switzerland

We developed several interactive installations for the NEST.