Digital Decade IV - If There Is No Heaven Nor Hell
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    Created for Digital Decade IV - There is No Planet B Exhibition Showcasing from July 4th to 6th at Underdog Gallery in London, UK.
-There's No Planet B -
We live in the age of ecological downshift as a matter of economical and political crisis on the Earth. The only planet we have that we must not take for granted. There is literally No Planet B. The idea is to bring attention to the problems our planet is currently facing - economic, environmental, political - and what our world would look like without them. 
Designcollector, Youth WorldWide & Curioos invited 25 Selected Artists
to imagine our planet without various issues that's been occuring around the world.
It was a honor to be creating among some of the best digital artists in the industry.
The exhibition will be showcased at Underdog Art Gallery in London, UK from July 4th to 6th in 2016.
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Among many different issues happening around the world, I chose the topic "If There Is No Heaven Nor Hell".
Since the day we were introduced into the world, our beliefs and religions were determined by our predecessors. We were brought up to believe in one religion and one only. This decision, which occurs without our consent, has influenced our choices throughout our lives. 
Some take advantage in the name of religion to cause destruction to opposing beliefs. If there is no heaven nor hell to fuel our actions, there will be less differences between humans. And with no more clashes between faith, we advance together as a united species.
T H A N K  Y O U  F O R  Y O U R  A T T E N T I O N