Sundance is actually two people, Mat, 24 years old, and Stephane, 31 years old. They initially meet thanks to a friend. The human and musical friendship being instantaneous, they decide to start an electronic duo, back in December 2009. The French label deBonton find the band on myspace and propose them to make a remix of “Faces” from Valley. This remix ends up on the soundtrack of the French TV show “Paris Dernière” in may 2010, and as a bonus track in Tsugi Magazine the same month. The adventure continues with a remix made for the band Gobble Gobble, released in March. From an artistic point of view, Sundance is an electronic music mixed with several acoustic music styles. They get inspired by Blues, Rock and Funk; the guitar, their “fetish” instrument, can be heard on each production.Sundance are now working on an original and ambitious project: “Red Ocean City”, an imaginary town, living through the music of the band. Here the artworks, made by me !
> Map of Red Ocean City <
> CD cover + packaging + booklet <