Under the Deep Blue
for glittering eyes
"Under the Deep Blue" is a children's counting book made from cut paper and shadow boxes to tell a tale about the world under the sea. This book has it's own twist on what happens at night when the sun sets. The story follows the sun as it sinks down into the different layers of the sea. As the sun sets deeper into the water, it breaks off into little "night lights" to illuminate the world underwater. The detail-oriented and handcrafted imagery was constructed from paper and found objects to create miniature "worlds" that come to life in this imaginative tale.

This book takes it's readers on a magical journey through the wonderful world underwater. While this book was designed to teach young children how to count, it's imaginative imagery and fanciful story captures reader's of all ages interest. "Under the Deep Blue" will spark the creative imagination of a young child along with leaving an adult wanting to "dive in" deeper.

I was thrilled to discover these perfect string lights at Restoration Hardware. They were the light source used in all of the shadow boxes throughout my book. 
Over 100 hand painted and hand cut letters.