The End of Eternity 
an homage to Asimov and Lempicka
Sara Laroche- Fashion Stylist
Frédéric Bélanger- Hair Stylist
Stéphane Côte- Make-up artist
Marie-Eve Warden - Model
Bérenger Zyla - 1st Assistant
Full skirt dresses and swimsuit - VAWK  by Sunny Fong

For this series I wanted to mix to unlikely inspirations, the sensual images of Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka and the futuristic depictions of Sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov.
I love how in the visions we have had in the past of what the future will look like there’s almost always a sense of sophistication and a counterpart of tribal and primal elements. The Matrix, Aeon Flux or even Blade Runner are good examples of this.
The styling is meant to reflect this concept. There’s a very present influence from Tamara’s aesthetics in the 40′s looks, but the jewelry is heavy and has an ancient feeling to it. The fashion is a well-balanced mix of sophistication, and hard and soft textures. VAWK’s swimsuit by Sunny Fong, is sensual and incredibly sophisticated with clean lines. Then you have the dresses that mix sensual, almost fluid fabrics combined with more rigid leather.
I have to say that I feel lucky to work with such talented people as the team that I had for this project: Sarah Laroche (styling), Stephan Côte (Make-up), Fred Bélanger (Hair), Marie-Éve Warden (Model), Béranger Zyla (1st assistant).