Promotional Corporate Gift Project
This assignment was to design a corporate gift in the style of a particular designer. My radio with ipod dock is based on the work of Finnish designer and architect Alvar Aalto.

My research covered Aalto's design approaches and the role of corporate gifts. A range of concepts were generated leading to the idea of a radio being selected, developed and then embodied. This final concept could then undergo detail design using Solidworks CAD and Photoview 360 rendering.
His use of bent birch wood and natural materials such as leather have been incorporated into my design. The shape takes inspiration from the Paimio chair while features such as the large, rotary volume wheel come from his tea trolley.

Extensive thought has gone into the internal design as I will then be able to build the radio. The top and bottom sections open to tilt the screen and allow access to buttons. For ease of use the volume and tuning controls are always readily accessible and the wood overhangs to give grip.