Insane Asylum
Some character and monster designs as well as some concept illustrations
from an unannounced video game project
These are some various monster designs for a video game project. For the game all of the monsters had to be based around the idea of "bug people." Using that as a starting point I worked to make them creepy and visually interesting while maintaining a human-like form to them.
A concept piece illustrating the look and feel of the game as well as demonstrating the stealth gameplay.
One of the challenges I faced in the design of the game was working with the comic book style to create a creepy atmosphere.  Whether for a single image or for the actual in-game world, in order to create a mood lighting is always one of the most important aspects.

Using a halftone my concept work as a target, our programmers were able to create a halftone shading filter to bring my visuals to life in a 3D world. I used the traditional black ink look of comics to really push the depths of darkness in the game. The overwhelming sense of darkness ended up being one of the most important pieces in pushing that creepy feeling.
Some early inmate head studies. These were done before the art moved into a more comic book-inspired direction
Some further inmate design iterations and studies as well as some early orderly designs. These variations also begin to show the shift into a comic book style.
Some security guard monster concepts
Orderly monster concepts
Prisoner concept studies
Some later-stage concept renderings of some enemies from the game, including both human and monster forms