Different variety of Sarees.
A lady in India can never have too many sarees. That is because there is always room for more and more and so much more! Mehta Saree Center fulfils this desire of having more and more sarees very efficiently.
Come back tired from a hectic day at work and got a marriage to attend? All you have to do is drape that beautiful six yards cloth around you and there you are ready for the best of occasions without much ado.
There are sarees to suit every occasion big or small, personal or official! All you have to do is pick the right ones from the right place.
Here are 10 types of must have sarees for every lady:
Banarasi sarees
The holy city of Banaras now know as Varanasi is known for its beautiful, heavy zari or brocade embroidery in silver and gold. These sarees speak of a rich and royal tradition and culture.
Kanjeevaram is the most popular saree that is weaved with love at Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. To own a kanjeevaram saree is a desire if almost every lady. These come in very attractive color combinations and patterns.
Chanderi Saree
This very famous saree comes from the heart if India. It is made with a mix of silk and cotton which makes it the first choice of many. It is light and comes in almost every color from the lightest to brightest you'd imagine. It is hand woven by hard working karigars in a small village called Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh.
Again a saree desired by one and all alike. This saree is a speciality of Maharashtra but owned by ladies all over the country. The tradition of Paithani sarees goes back to the times of Maratha Kings when real gold thread was uses to embroider these sarees.
Pattu sarees
Worn for pujas and other special occasions Pattu is the white and golden saree of Kerala. This simple white and gold combination adds grace and charm to just about anyone who wears it.
Your collection is not complete with an oh-so-classy pochampally. It is a must have in your summer collection of sarees. It is made of breathable cotton with metrical block print on the many shades of earthly colors available in this variety.
Tant sarees
Talk of sarees and not talk of Bengal is impossible. Tant is made of crisp cotton and speaks of  class and grace. They come in a variety of colors from sombre to loud each unique and desirable.
Kota sarees
Kota is a place in Rajasthan that makes Kota sarees. These are beautiful cotton sarees some fit to be worn at home while others right for even a wedding. These sarees are available in a huge variety of colors from very flashy to very simple.
Kotki sarees
These are sarees from the state of Orrisa that can be easily identified by their special jagged temple borders. These sarees simple yet extremely impressive.
Bandhej is the Saree of the state Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are made using tie and dye method and are full of colors. These sarees are generally flashy and loud with subtle options available too.
Mehta Saree Center has the best range of the best types of sarees available to add beauty and variety to your saree collection.
Different variety of Sarees.