Fungi Ring

Both bold and delicate. The Fungi Ring’s thin band supports an irregular, nature-inspired polyhedron with a contrasting raw interior and polished exterior. The ring is 3D printed in wax by world leading technologists, before being hand cast and hand finished in solid sterling silver or 14k gold. The Fungi Ring is a feminine statement piece.

- Available in all women’s sizes by mm increments.
- Limited edition and made to order.
- Custom sizes available


The Fungi series is characterized by organic yet architectural forms which are directly inspired by the beautifully strange mushroom Clathrus ruber. The coming together of natural geometries and luxury materials creates unique statement jewellery that would be impossible to produce without combining new technologies and old craft.
Fungi Pendant

Delicate and impossibly intricate. The Fungi Pendants feature interlinked organic forms inspired by nature and made in precious and semi-precious metals. The Fungi Pendants are produced with a unique process involving advanced 3D printing and highly skilled, meticulous craft. Each necklace is first printed in interlocking wax then individually hand cast and finished in solid sterling silver or bronze. Such intricacy would be impossible to achieve with any other process.

- Available in bronze or sterling silver.
- Limited edition and made to order.
Designed by Daniel Kamp in New Zealand, made by technologists and artisans in New York City.