Elliott and Adriana in the land of the rising sun
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    Photodocumentary of the visit of Elliott Erwitt to Japan.
Elliott and Adriana in the Land of the Rising Sun
Photographs byAdriana Lopez Sanfeliu. Title, edit andcaptions by Elliott Erwitt.
Life is full of surprises, I guess you just have to be readyto welcome them.
I had the pleasure to accompany Elliott on a journey toJapan.
While holding Elliot’s arm out and about I click here andthere as a personal diary.
These snaps are a visual memoir of an adventurous journey.

Through the foog searching for the rising sun
Welcome to Yokohama Mr Awit
Enthusiastic reception
Backstage with fabulous Yuki
Group instruction on the digital camera
Click, Click, Click, Click,
“See you on the reshoot!”
Can you sign the book? EE:”My name?”
“I forgot my umbrella”
Robert Capa and I
 Better than 10
On the way to visiting Chanel
I thought the pictures were gonna be in color.Chanel Nexus, Tokyo.
Pre breakfast snack at The Imperial Hotel
“My shoe laces are untied"
First class Ito, just found a parking space indowntown Tokyo
 Intermition at the Noh theater
Heavy traffic inTokyo
Yokohama from Elliott’s hotel suite
Secret message
Imparting wisdom of the west
Reaction to an amusing anecdote
Preparing for the twelve course
The 17 th course
Tidenes counts
“I have been Elliott Erwitt for some time”
The Fuji genious; Mr Kawahara & Ueno
Nice to meet you Fumiko Hayashi, Yokohama Mayor
Private meeting with Yokohama mayor
Yokohama affinity group
East meets West
Book signing
Elliott and Adriana registered nurse
Crowded conditions
Someone paid the hotel bill
Public transport
Pocari Sweat: “The best part of the Pocari”
Recovering from sumo defeat