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Work in Progress: Skies of Fortuna Online Game
Creative collaborations are a significant part of User Experience Design, and can take many forms. Some projects only require certain skillsets, while others require many.  In this instance, I was approached to help write the story and user journey for a game called The Skies of Fortuna, a browser based choose-your-own-adventure game that was previously played as a tabletop RPG.
Given my hobbies include writing fantasy novels and occasionally playing RPGs, I was very much interested in taking part in this collaboration.
Solving the Problem
StoryNexus is a wonderful tool for building and creating game worlds. Utilizing Storylets and  Qualities, the creator can map the User's journey in multiple directions. The following is a description from the StoryNexus QuickStart guide, 

‘Storylets’ - also called ‘cards’ - describe events that might happen:
an argument with an old flame
a fight on a hilltop at sunset
a long bath
midwifing wolves or kittens.
A storylet consists of a starting event, one or more choices (usually), and the results of those choices.
‘Qualities’ describe effects that have happened:
the fact that you had that argument
how serious were the wounds you suffered in the fight
how much soap you have left after the bath
how many wolves (or kittens) you brought safely into the world.
A character has a quality at a specified level - 1, 5 or 200, for example. (It doesn’t always display as a number, but more on that later.)

To put it another way, storylets model choices, and qualities model consequences.
A game can contain an unlimited number of Storylets, but usually a set number of Qualities. The problem being solved at this point is the creation of these elements, as well as adding Locations, Ambitions, Non-Player Characters (NPCs), and Challenges.
The Research
The type of research done for a fictional world is made up of two elements- brainstorming new ideas, or utilizing ideas found elsewhere. A good portion of this world has already been created by my collaborative partner, so there is a framework to work within, and details that do not have to be recreated. As we are expanding this world, however, there are still details to be worked out:
-new races of characters to flesh out and create connections to other races
-histories of different cultures
-fictional and 'true' stories that are told within this world
-political struggles and intrigues between nations
Many of these ideas can be inspired by similar stories told in other books, games, movies, etc. For instance, there is a race of bird people in this world that we are currently creating the culture and history for in this world. This is a race that is found in other games and books, so we look to those to give us ideas about how our bird people will behave, live, and interact with the world.
Work in Progress: Skies of Fortuna Online Game

Work in Progress: Skies of Fortuna Online Game

Collaboration on an online browser based game