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    - New tire launch - promo the new tire features
Newtire launch 
 Objective - tocreate product awareness with a focus on the new features-“Robustness”

-The driver (which is our user) is facedwith increasing challenges while out on the roads. As the cities expand and theroad network becomes more complex, we need to be informed and react with the everchanging roadconditions in our lives. 
-The concept wants to address the concernsof the user- in particular traffic and weather conditions to introduce thevarious features of the product as one which will improve the lives.
Main page
- Portals allow users to record websitecharttheir road path.
- By sharing of these videos with friends,they share their road safety experiences.
Animation display
Rainy weather effect page
Event page - on Xcar
- Collaboration with one of the well-knownAuto portals 
- Product launch, CRM, PR event and activities as anentire package