300c re-launch
Objective: EstablishtheNew American Luxury,buildbrandawareness, increasesales at Auto Show. 

-The design concept is taken from theessence of the choices in LIFE. As each individual hits the crossroads, themultiple choices that presents themselves to the one. To lapse into mediocrity,or to have the courage to take the big leap into the next step of one’sjourney. There is the Chrysler 300C- the representation of modern day AmericanLuxury. A luxury that portrays your strength. 
- Online virtual experiencethe Future Box. Enjoy the 300c modern high-tech,Americanluxury.
Phase 1 campaignsite keylayout
virtual experience journey of the 300c American luxury.
"win your 300c" page 
-Users can register on the website or download APP to get aunique code, get the uniquecode
Online virtual experience
-Online virtual experience the car show Future Box. .
-Launch of the lottery . As an extensionfrom Phase 1, users can use the code given to participate in a lottery
Mobile APP
final launch layout
Chrysler brand story page
official site 
- The official site launch,with a detailed description of the 300C 
- Showcasing of the 30 winners of thelottery about their journey to U.S. 
- The pursuit of the American Luxury