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    The Discovery Channel mock up and conceptual idea for the Australian site. (Non-commercial).
The Discovery Channel

Great channel, but I do think the web site needs some love so I decided to put something together. This is conceptual and was purely for the fun of putting something together.

First added was a new hero, the idea here they need a way to really push the new content while being able to switch it out for an advertisement, this would allow to monetize the site a little better.

I also added more social for following and promoting key shows and events, VODs of old episodes and edits of up and coming shows and news for all of the information I hit the site for I can never seem to find, this would give more reason for return to the site. This in my opinion would create some much need value for the Australian site.

Created was a way to monetise the site far more effectively, this was with a replaceable hero they could drop a relevant advertisement for, example being Land Rover I thought it would be a brilliant and relevant mix.