Mune Animated Short Film

"Mune - Love Between Worlds" is a short animated film I made while doing my Honours in Directing for Animation at AFDA Film-school in Cape Town.

"Mune" is the story about a girl named Cosmowho struggles to find love as she has a city, full of tiny people,living on her head. Her prospects look glum until the fateful day shemeets Ville, a boy whose headspace has also been invaded by aconcrete jungle. By all means it should be love at first sight, butmisunderstandings ensue and the cities go to war.

In 2011 Mune won the SAFTA (South African Film and Television Award) for Best Animation - which was quite unexpected since we were competing against professionals and this was a little student film with a budget of 500 Rand for paper - which we didn't end up using.

From beginning to end the film took 4 months to make. Four painful months since there was only one animator/artist on the project - me... but caffeine can do wonders.

The awesome gals and guys who worked on this project are:
Sarah Faye de Muynk - soundchick - she of the infinitely cute sound fx
Gustav Stutterheim - composer of sweet tunes
Pierre De Villiers - he of great advice on cinematography
Wicus Labuschagne -  guy who I called up in the middle of the night when things broke - the VFX was a bonus.
Leigh Ann Lyners and Marius Strydom - Editors Deluxe
Saskia Schiel - the Producer with the Tea
Jesca Marisa - workaholic animator, director and scriptwriter