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    Project Curated by Dolly Rogers, a Creative Agency from Amsterdam; for Podium section of Adformatie Dutch magazine for the advertising.
The Magic of Composition
Project Curated byDolly Rogers, a Creative Agency from Amsterdam, for Podium section ofAdformatie, Dutch magazine for theadvertising.
The inspiration comes anywhere where we stop to look for a moment and contemplate, like rocks lying on the ground.
There is an infinity of loose pieces around, waiting to be noticed by the eye of the creator, we gather these pieces so that we can make a composition that can be understood by just observing without questioning anything, this is our job every day, assemble parts and components and form something so important, that its purpose can change the perspective of someone.
Separate elements are nothing, but to know how to mix them they become something; this should be a human principle, which we can gather all our best qualities to do something great.
The space between these elements is also important, sometimes it is even more important than the element itself, and the result will be a striking visual harmony. "

Carolina Nino