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    Videon is a typeface designed by Georg Salden
A typeface by Georg Salden
Videon is an experimental corner typeface. It lives by the slanted edges, the optically similar letter widths, and the strokes which are interrupted just where the connections would be very normal or, in other words, a bit boring. The most conspicuous letters for the observer are almost certainly A, V, W, v and w. Though they always require more spacing, here they have diagonals on one side only. The numerical digits are just as idiosyncratic. In smaller font sizes Videon is amazingly legible, and in larger font sizes it is a real eye-catcher.
Desertion by Clifford D. Simak
Booklet designed by Ludwig Übele, 2012
Text printed in the Videon typeface, designed by Georg Salden

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