Factors to Consider When Looking for That Perfect Abode
Looking for a suitable apartment is an art particularly when focusing on a city with low rental vacancy rates. Though, just because you are in a hurry for the new perfect apartment, doesn’t mean that you need to nod the head for the first one you come across.
There are a numerous things to consider when choosing an apartment as, after all, no one wants to wind up and move every year.
Yet before moving, there are plentiful factors to consider to make sure that you and your new abode are a perfect match.
The Neighborhood?
Yes, it’s important.
a) Let your eye wander here and there as you checking a new place.
b) Is the neighborhood primarily residential or has a lot of nightlife?
c) Are there lots of food joints and bars?
d) Is it difficult to drive there or take public transport?
e) Is there an intersection or a bus stop nearby?
Another big question to ask yourself is ‘Do I feel safe and comfortable here?’
Think about the amenities you need to have easy access to and narrow down your search to the neighborhoods that fit your budget.
Is it Affordable?
Even before you begin with the apartment hunting process, settle on what you can afford. Ideally you should spend only one third of your monthly income (or even less than that) on rent. If this limits your options extensively, consider finding a roommate so that you both can afford to live in a nicer apartment.
The Landlord?
When glancing apartments, we generally pay attention to things like the architecture of the apartment and the amenities they have, but it is also important to interact with the landlord.
Why is this important?
A bad landlord can make a terrible living situation, even if you love your new digs.
Converse with them to gauge their personality, inquire about the issues that are important for you, like about the in charge of the maintenance. 
Your Must-haves?
If have a fixed budget, it is unlikely to find an apartment that is absolutely perfect, but that does not mean you have to give up on your must haves.
When hunting for an apartment, bring along a checklist that lists things on priorities for your must have in your new apartment. This will help to narrow down your search and save your time.
Is the building safe?
Safety should be near to the top of your list when hunting for an apartment, yet this is something many people forget to consider.
It is vital to do some research about the crime rates in the neighborhood and the safety measures taken in the building. 
Are there smoke detectors on every floor? Does the front door lock? How often are they checked? Besides the tenants, who else has the access to the buildings? Be assured of your safety in your new apartment before signing a lease.
What about your Pet?
If you have a four-legged friend, you will need to make sure the apartments you visit allow pets. There’s no point wasting time looking for apartments that have a no-pet policy.
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Factors to Consider When Looking for That Perfect Abode

Factors to Consider When Looking for That Perfect Abode

Factors to Consider When Looking for That Perfect Abode

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