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Daily UI Challenge [21-30]
DailyUI challenge
Day 21: Home Monitoring Dashboard
monitoring system, smart home, ios application design, ios design, smart control, dashboard interface, mobile ui, mobile app design, smart app, temprature control, ux ui, circle slider, app screens
Day 22: Search
taxi app, application design, ios app, ui animation, user experience design, taxi design, search results, suggest flow, popup, modal design, overlay ui, motion design, list, ui ux, map interface, road screen, mobile prototype
Day 23: Onboarding
onboarding flow, smart home, wizard screen, call to action button, sign in, login screen, welcome screen, dailyui challenge, abstract background, simple design, ux ui, ios app design
Day 24: Boarding Pass
boarding screen, modal view, ios design, minimal design, user interface design, ux, ui, tickets, clean and simple design, dailyui, application, cards design
Day 25: TV App
tv app design, mactv app, music tv application, music app design, app design, user interface design, dailyui challenge, ux ui, minimalist design, tv experience design
Day 26: Subscribe
subscription form, motion design, prototyping, web interface, ui animation, after effects, minimal design, ux ui, email form, user interface animation, prototype
Day 27: Dropdown
controls, motion design, ui animation, dropdown, navigation menu, user experience design, after effects, ui concept, menu button, interface animation
Day 28: Contact Us
contact form, tabs, material design, tabs, android design, android ui, motion ui, ui animation, after effects, contact screen, ui ux, anroid experience, android app design
Day 29: Map
taxi application, search results, ui animation, ios app design, map screen, taxi app design, ios user interface, after effects, modal view, iphone app, mobile design, mobile ui
Day 30: Pricing
dailyui, simple ui, ux ui, web design, web user interface, pricing page, how much it costs, card design, web ux, web cards, call-to-action, cta button, e-commerce
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Daily UI Challenge [21-30]
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Oleg Frolov