Project Brief:
This project was to make a zine that is about Yoko Ono and another element of my choice. The goal was to create a new idea that's led by combination of those two ideas.

The idea for this project is about mindset. Mindset is a way of thinking. In other words, it is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your life. I wanted to create a zine that introduces positiveness from different backgrounds, and also I focused on collaboration and interaction between poeple because I believe that it is a key to make positive effects among society. That is why I used "x" and "+" to symbolize collaborations and positiveness. I was interested in how Yoko Ono and early HipHop culture sent people positive messages through different medium and materials, such as music, art, and dance. Also they have a lot of things in common in terms of how they see our society. This zine shows their inspirational messages that help people make positive mindsets for tomorrow.

In order to communicate the main concept and key characters, I used methods and materials such as Japanese binding, pieces of shirt, and spray on it with a stencil to show visual voices of Yoko's performance style and Hiphop's street culture. Also I put a traditional Japanese ink on my body, and danced on a big paper to create a texture that shows their strong mindsets. In the middle of the zine, in addition, there is a little dance tutorial part that people can enjoy as well. By mixing all of the elements, the idea of positive mindset is shown in impactful ways. The video below shows process of how I create some of the key elements of Mindset.

• 2016 ADAA Semifinalist — Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print
• 2016 ADAA Semifinalist — Social Impact - Photography / Print / Illustration / Graphic
• The main gallery at ArtCenter College of Design hillside campus

Thank you!