Chrome and Donna's wedding
with my Canon 600D
So the setting was St. Austins church. My Friend and colleague was departing the bachelor's club and joining the elite couples-by-marriage club. I had to wake up real early for this to go photograph the bridal make over. It was pretty overcast in the morning but by afternoon it got pretty blazing in the sun. Well the church was quite dark and photography inside the church was quite a challenge. I, not being a fan of pop up flash had to improvise a lot to capture the important shots. Then it was on to Norfolk Hotel for the Photoshoot. I have tried my best to capture the the best of the moments. I have relied heavily on Photohop for image enhancing and retouching due to the low light photography i had to endure in the church and the high noon,burning sun photography at Norfolk hotel. Let me know what you think.