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    Jell-O packaging recycled into bandage dispenser
The mandate for this project was to take an existing packaging and modify it to create a new one in order to give it a second life.
Starting from a generic Jell-O box,  I turned it into a less wasteful bandage dispenser. My goal was to use as few extra materials as possible, not to counteract the recycling aspect of the initial project.
This new packaging was born simply by reversing the initial box and screen printing the informations of the new product in the
virgin side. The bandages are all connected and sealed within a thin paper sleeve, similar to a tape roll inside of the box. 
Where the roll comes out of the box is small set of metal teeth used to rip off the amount of bandages needed. 
The name of the product reference the original product.The colours of the bandages are the same as what the box suggests, which  is a  small hint to flavours one might find on the shelves. This was a project about the reusing of existing packaging in order to create simple yet effective alternatives for everyday products.
Le mandat pour ce projet était de partir d’un emballage existant afin d’en créer un nouveau. J’ai choisi une boite de Jell-O que j’ai transformée en distributeur à pansements, et ce en utilisant le mois de matériaux supplémentaires possibles. c’est donc en inversant la boite et en sériegraphiant le coté vierge que ce nouveau produit est né. Le nom et les couleurs sont un clin d’oeil au produit original. Les pansements sont disposés sur une bande continue scellée, que l’on détache à l’aide des dents de métal sur la boite.