genetically modified food
Info graphics have become very popular in the last year and the skill of taking a subject that would normally bore people and make it interesting enough for people to have a desire to read is what this project aimed to achieve.

GMO's is food manufactured or produced with artificial substances such as growth hormones to speed up their production. The debate that rises from this is whether or not these foods are good for people to consume versus the amount of food produced in a short space of time.
I began with sketches of interesting tools such as the tractor , the farmer, a bird, a fish and scarecrow but i later removed the scarecrow as it didn't have a place in the poster
Farming is a humble method of living off the land and the science behind GMO is a one that threatens that purity, i wanted to created a logo that would give it a sophistication by marrying those two concepts, but also "GMO" is not an organisation but a scientific practice/method so giving it a logo emphasised its existence.