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    Made during a photography course at Daugavpils University. Part of a series.
Latvian net migration statistics

Master's thesis, first semester
People leaving their country for better lives is always a sad fact, meaning they're unable to meet their expectations at home. Emigration is really excruciating in a socio-economic context. Think about those who stay, lost connections — friends, parents leaving their kids or elderly people staying on their own. And what about economic matters in a post-crisis situation with a government unwilling to cut bureaucracy spendings. Be aware that we're talking only official government data here.
How much worse could it get? Or should we praise those desperate, but courageous people with a hope that someday they'll come back willing to make Latvia a better place to live. As for now, it seems like nation's soul is broken in pieces. And every person leaving is taking a part of homeland away, spreading it around the world.
That was the idea behind cutting out soil blocks which embody homeland as a whole. I ignored correct data representation by volume, trying to emphasize the tendency. And as the cutouts illustrate the value taken away each year, think intellect and potential, not raw number of people. Is there much left to take away?