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STRIKE - The Garage Start-up

A budding startup, decide to get an unused Garage revamped to work out from. To convert 200 square foot garage into a workplace for minimum 8 people. Minimum funds, and maximum utility of the available space was the priority.


1. Low Roof, no ventilating window, and no source of natural light.
2. Space Constraint need to be resolved through effective layout and furniture design.
3. Leakage in the roof


Through a series of images, the process followed and design criteria touched upon and executed is explained
Adding FURNITURE to the space. 

1. Seating
2. Collapsible standing table. The table when not in use does not clutter the already tiny Garage.
3. Shelf for storage of books, routers etc.
4. Continous seating at the rear wall which allows 5-6 people to be seated.

All the furniture is made from old ply-wood doors. The table is retained from previous office
White washed the entire space to make the space appear bigger. 
Also white color helps to space look brighter. Any element of natural or artificial light will look much more bright on white wals as compared to dark colored walls.
NATURAL LIGHT in the space
Natural light not only saves electrcicity, but also gives adds energy to the space. The fresh and welcoming appeal was mandatory since the garage looked very dingy.
1/12th of the roof is replaced with a translucent roof, getting sufficient light for the daytime.
Here is a little clip showing how we are setting up the garage startup space.
The natural light showering into the garage remains focal point, and the region maximum used.
Images below show the entire Garage when ready to use.
STRIKE - The Garage Start-up

STRIKE - The Garage Start-up

Duration: 10 days Budget: INR 30,000 Team: Team of 2 Transforming a 200 sqft garage into a Startup office. Overcoming constraints of the space a Read More