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children's high chair Emma


The children’s high chair is an important element in the development of a child, whether physical, mental or social viewpoint.
The solution of the chair, the design is beneficial from multiple angles – designed from bent plywood and veneer based on the principle 
of using one mould for bending (seat, back and foot), which is advantageous from both technological and economic aspects.

The chair can be adjustable for suiting as necessary which makes it easy for transporting and storing. 
The footrest is also adjustable according to a height of a baby from six months to three years. The detail of two circular perforations fulfils an
aesthetic and functional aspect and it even creates an emotional element of the playful product.It also includes a soft pillow with safety straps, which can be washed and a wooden tray which is easily removable as required. 

The children’s high chair Emma fulfils the role of the functional piece of furniture and it should be the certain instrument of incorporating the child into the social order of the family.

photography: Barbora Bydžovská
children's high chair Emma