Fortissimo Docking Station
An iPod dock with a twist
These are a few pictures rendered on Autodesk Showcase of my First Year Final Assignment. The concept is simply to take old and worn bugles and brass instruments and use them to make functional docking stations, using their shape to create a warm acoustic quality to the music. Just a concept at the moment, but plan on building a few and then trying to sell them, just as something to do over the summer months. Hope to put some better pictures up soon. 
iPod or iPhone sits at the top of the dock, in front of the bugle bell. When not in use a leather tab falls over the mouth of the dock, hiding the 30-pin connector.
Music is produced by a single speaker at the base of the dock, it is then fed up into the mouth of the bugle by a hand-blown glass funnel. Once inside the bugle the music will amplify, giving it a warm acoustic quality. 
Exploded View showing all components. Created using Autodesk Invenntor ans Autodesk Showcase