King Basil - handmade connecting brush font
It's been longer than usual in creating this one, because it's my largest font yet! 421 glyphs, including A-Z, a-z, 0-9, tons of punctuation, 24 ligature sets, 163 accented characters, entry swash alternates for all uppercase and lowercase letters, exit swash alternates for all lowercase characters ... this sucker has a ton of features!

2016 name change! This font is formerly known as "Spiffy McGee."

All characters were hand-drawn on paper (with a Tombow brush pen), then scanned and imported, then the vectors were cleaned up and smoothed.

Not sure how to access the alternate characters (ligatures, accented characters, dingbats, etc.) in a font?
* Adobe Photoshop: Window ^ Glyphs
* Adobe Illustrator: Window ^ Type ^ Glyphs
* Adobe InDesign: Window ^ Type & Tables ^ Glyphs
* Windows: Start Menu ^ type in "charmap"
* Mac: Edit ^ Special Characters ^ Character Palette

King Basil contains:
OTF and TTF files
Uppercase characters A-Z
Lowercase characters a-z
Numbers 0-9
Full punctuation
Entry swash alternates for uppercase A-Z and lowercase a-z
Exit swash alternates for lowercase a-z
163 accented characters
Additional font files for swash alternates and double-letter ligatures
Fully accessible through character map / PUA encoded

King Basil - handmade connecting brush font

King Basil - handmade connecting brush font

Baz is a connecting cursive font created from pen-and-paper script.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
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