It's been longer than usual in creating this one, because it's my largest font yet! 421 glyphs, including A-Z, a-z, 0-9, tons of punctuation, 24 ligature sets, 163 accented characters, entry swash alternates for all uppercase and lowercase letters, exit swash alternates for all lowercase characters ... this sucker has a ton of features!
Name change! This font is formerly known as "Spiffy McGee."
An extra big thanks to Mats-Peter Forss for some of the promotional images! Check out all of the cool options he's come up with in his display for the free version of Baz!
All characters were hand-drawn on paper (with a Tombow brush pen), then scanned and imported, then the vectors were cleaned up and smoothed.

Not sure how to access the alternate characters (ligatures, accented characters, dingbats, etc.) in a font?
* Adobe Photoshop: Window ^ Glyphs
* Adobe Illustrator: Window ^ Type ^ Glyphs
* Adobe InDesign: Window ^ Type & Tables ^ Glyphs
* Windows: Start Menu ^ type in "charmap"
* Mac: Edit ^ Special Characters ^ Character Palette

You can buy the full version of King Basil for less than the price of a good hamburger! (I'm talking Red Robin good here, not In-n-Out good.) However, I'm also offering a lite version of Baz for free, so you can try him out to see if you like him!

King Basil Full Version
OTF and TTF files
Uppercase characters A-Z
Lowercase characters a-z
Numbers 0-9
Full punctuation
Entry swash alternates for uppercase A-Z and lowercase a-z
Exit swash alternates for lowercase a-z
163 accented characters
Additional font files for swash alternates and double-letter ligatures
Fully accessible through character map / PUA encoded

King Basil Lite Version
OTF lite file
Uppercase characters A-Z
Lowercase characters a-z
Numbers 0-9
Limited puncutation  . , ; : ' " ! ? * - ( )


Give Basil a test drive -- try before you buy!
(Google Drive, ZIP file)
(Lite version is free for personal and limited commercial use!
Contains only uppercase A-Z, lowercase a-z, numbers, and very limited punctuation.)