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    New Trailer for Old Movies
New Trailers for Old Movies
The movie trailer is one of the most popular forms ofadvertising. Since its inception in the early 1910’s, audiences have beenenamored with the mini-films; yet audiences often know very little about howthe trailer is composed or the creativity needed to make one. This disconnectexists because trailers are an art form still essentially in their infancy. Thisthesis will examine the three main eras of trailer development: the classical,transitional, and contemporary eras. The research conducted includes scholarlyjournals, industry reviews, and a first-hand examination of the trailersthemselves. The thesis shows that the trailers are an art form of understandingwith a style that constantly evolves with the motion picture audience,constantly challenging what audiences expect.

For my thesis project, I chose to re-edit trailers for classic movies. I chose Star Wars, Jaws, and Apocalypse Now as my subjects because of their popularity and existence in the Transitional Era of film trailers. The results capture the essences of the original movies, while repackaging them to be sold to a contemporary audience.

-Matthew Nando Kelly
The Star Wars trailer featuring music from Glitch Mob.
The Jaws trailer.
The Apocalypse Now trailer.