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    Typography Book
Typography Book
Chapter 1: DISCOVER. 
You just arrived. You are new, everything is new to you. You see people, but you can not reach them. You see things, but you can not understand them. You hear words, but they make no sense. You feel shapes, but you can not figure out what it is. You are starting to discover.

Chapter 2: REARRANGE.
Now that we discovered it, we start to rearrange it. The faces we meet, the places we saw, the moments we had. Cut it, turn it. Small things become big, too scared to be boring. Making up stories. For us. For them.

Chapter 3: FADE It is over, you are back home. Back in your daily routine. But still in your head: memories. Of moments, feelings and faces. Time went by, memories getting out of focus. Light absorbs it.
Until everything is washed out.

For a new Journey.