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    Site for Ecco promoting their spring collection. www.dinecco.com
Cinderella's glass shoe only fit her. Which shoe fits you? 
When Cinderella lost her glass shoe, the prince looked for the right foot to fit into the shoe. 
Which shoe fits you?

Ecco wanted a concept site to showcase their shoe collection for the various seasons. To add some zest to the concept, we developed a concept where we would look for the right shoe to fit you. And you could win it. 

Connect with Facebook, and we will see if we can find a shoe that fits, based on your status posts and settings.
Say, you're female, 30-40 years old, and you've mentioned the word "jogging" at some point in your status field, well, then we find you a training shoe. You do love jogging, right?
But if you wanna go again, we'll select a different shoe for you, just for fun. Because you may also have other hobbies, like "shopping", so we'll pick out a pair of elegant pumps for you.
My responsibility: 
-Concept Development
-Art Direction
The design was done by Paul Holliday at Mediafront. 
Of course, you can share the shoe that was chosen for you on Facebook.