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    Remote control of LED signage via custom web interface
Remote Hardware Management
Web-based interface to remote LED signs
The folks at One Boulder Plaza installed two top-of-the-line programmable LED signs at the entrances to their garages. Then found out that to program them, they needed to physically go to each sign with a laptop, use a serial cable to hook it up to the sign, and then type in cryptic commands into a terminal program. If there were any typos, they had to start over again... no matter what the weather or time of day or night.

I used serial-to-ethernet converters to hook an administrative computer up to the signs a quarter of a mile away, then wrote a web-based front end for the administrative staff to use. The application translated the transition in, type of data, text, delays and transitions out into the sign's 'command line' language and transmitted it to the appropriate sign, changing the display in a matter of seconds. Since the custom web server I used was accessible through their corporate firewall (password and ip number protected), it also meant that the sign could be changed remotely, and they were thrilled with the results.