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    Self promotional material to promote my personal brand

SYMF Creative Promotional Print 

I wanted to create a unique artifact to promote SYMF Creative that people might remember more than just a standard business card. From the beginning I thought playing around with a different size might be interesting, as well as investigating some different printing techniques. I etched into a linoleum block using a laser cutter with a design that is based off of the SYMF logo. After this I cleared out the space that I did not want to print and then locked it in to the letterpress printer. Using a split fountain technique, I printed multiples of these sheets.

Bounded Portfolio & Sketchbook 

In addition to the business cards, I thought that I would make a bound portfolio because a lot of portfolios now are digital and it might be nice to have a more tangible experience to represent my work. I screenprinted the cover and used a Japanese-fold and bind in the interior.