Sing for the penguins!
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    Promotion of Jørgen Amundsen's expedition to the north pole.
Sing for the penguins!

1911: Roald Amundsen is the first man on the South Pole.

2011: Several expeditions are heading to the South pole for the 100th anniversary. 
Conditions have changed - the climate is suffering. Jørgen Amundsen, owner of Amundsen Sports, is going to follow in his realtive's footsteps with Naturvernforbundet and Watercircles as sponsors, as well as testing his polar clothing range.

Brief: Get people to follow the expedition and engage them in the climate issue. 
Solution: Urge people to sing for the pengiuns!

The public was asked to record one tone, to be mixed into a choir.
All voices were mixed into a music piece - and on the last expedition day it was played
for the penguins of Antarctica! 
So by singing a simple tone, you had become a part of something greater!

Did the penguins enjoy the music? Find out here:
Campaign site.
A simple app where you could record and add your voice to the choir and pass it along to your friends.
When the choir was complete, the blog took over, and you could follow the expedition through blog posts & videos.
The blog.
What we've all been waiting for: The crew are getting ready to play the song for the penguins.
Ole from Mediafront gets the awesome sound system ready.
...and the penguins hear the song for the first time. They seemed to enjoy it.