As part of the InDesign teaching, was asked to create a form, and also the experimentation and
the proper use of text and images. The result was a form named THE WORTH OF ART, DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY. 
As can be seen in the reading of the form,
its particularity is the different lay out depending on the content and theme of each section.
In contents summarized 12 different artistic collections, which show their kind of art.
The influences of the artists are based on historical circumstance in different cultures,
in artistic movements and facts that defined the art of the 20th and 21th century. 
Shock Tactics
Though inspired by UK punk, the Bazooka collective’s violent, sexy graphics spoke in a French accent.
The Art Of The Street
Revolutionary Posters from Central and Eastern Europe.
Over 200,000 images are uploaded using Instagram every hour of every day. 
But although the app is hugely popular it is yet to turn a profit.
Where does the future lie for the world’s most popular image app?

The double lives of Roman Cieslewicz
Polish graphic artist Roman Cieslewicz worked on both sides of the Cold War divide,
but was driven by a single desire to communicate.
The Alchemist
Animator Jeff Scher uses dense, unorthodox techniques to make his highly original,
image-rich films.

That Obscure Object Of Desire.
Honour thy error
Can happy accidents save us from 
crude perfectionism?
Metaphor and Metamorphosis
The love affair between fashion and surrealism.
Three Songs and Yer Out
The dying art of gig photography.
Saul Bass
Anatomy Of A Mentor.
A personal reflection on graphic designer and film maker Saul Bass (1920-9006).
The Visual Rhetoric of Innocence:
Lolitas in Popular Culture.
Matthew Barney’s gonadotrophic cavalcade
The practice of aesthetic athleticism
or athleticaestheticism.
Special thanks to Yannis Kritikos Jr.