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    A free Cinema 4D plugin for generating linking splines.
NetCreator v1.1
NetCreator is a free Cinema 4D plugin, working as a Generator Object inside C4D. it can generate splines based on different kinds of objects. I like UberTracer a lot, however it lacks of some keying feature that I would love to have, so I made my own plugin :)
All the glowing splines below were made with NetCreator, rendered with Octane for C4D with Octane Object Tag's "rendered as hair" switched on, textured with emission node.
NetCreator's user interface should be very self-explanatory, all parameters would be available only when they're allowed to. Play around for a couple of minutes and you will know how to use it.


1. Two modes. You can choose to generate splines on one object or between two objects.
2. Supports polygonal object, Thinking Particles, MoGraph objects (including Cloner Object, Matrix Object, Fracture Object, MoText Object). For MoGraph Object, NetCreator uses MoGraph Object's elements' positions to generate splines. And you can use effector to control Matrix points' visibility, which opens lots of posibilities.
3. VertexMap support for polygonal object. NetCreator will only generating splines on points that have weights larger than 0.5 in assigned VertexMap.
4. Distance and Visibility control. You can randomly remove points that are used to generate splines, or animating this process.
5. Propagation for VertexMap. You can paint on part of VertexMap, and with this feature turned on, NetCreator will automatically create propagation effect for vertexmap, with fast algorithm. You can also use this feature alone to get an animating vertex map for other purposes in Cinema 4D.
Here is a little demo that I mocked up in two days, don't be too harsh :)
Welcome to report If any bugs. Happy NetCreating! :)
Don't forget to rename the folder's name to "NetCreator"