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    These are examples of Storyboards I have worked on from Student Projects to Freelance work.
Storyboard Examples
Here you will find examples of School Projects, Freelance Work, and Independent Studies
These are examples of Storyboards for a song by Sting called "I hung my Head" off the Mercury falling Album.  I chose this song because of it's dynamic storyline and content.  It's a story about an accidental death and redemption.  I decided to approach it by using a Charcoal medium to keep it simple and capture the raw emotional aspect of the story.  The story takes place in the late 18th & early 19th Century in the Highlands of Scotland.  I made the research and stayed true to it's descriptive lyrics. This is evident from the period riffle to the garments worn and even the architecture in the storyboards. 
These next examples are edited film stills from an independent Film called "Penguins Don't Fly" which was my Senior Film while I was attending college at Woodbury University located in Burbank, CA.  I decided to capture these stills to showcase my scenes in the Film.  It was indeed a challenge to work with fellow students on this final project.  This is where we all had to really work together as a team to accomplish this paramount project.  It was really rewarding showcasing this Film at the Luchbox Theatre in front of family and friends.
These next set of Storyboard examples are from a Freelance project I was part of with a company called Celebrity Loop or a.k.a. Safe Searching Productions located in Studio City, CA.  There I was fortunate to work with owners Tom & Linn Milano as well as with actor & producer Allison Sweeney (from Days of Our Lives) on this Internet Soap Opera called "In Tune" it was a conceptual web series.  In addition to this I was responsible for Storyboards, Character Design, Shooting Schematics, Storyboard Dialogue and Camera angles.  It was a challenge to complete these Storyboards for this script, however It was a rewarding experience working with these Industry professionals.