Everyone of us is going through a difficult phase in his life .. some of them can be overcome and some of them located in the pit of darkness
A Ninja who killed and his family in a fire made by the emperor's army and now his Dark Soul is bounded in the metal body to control his power and revenge
Cosmic Illusions - by Hani Jamal 
I thought my mind was the most secret place of mine. It was all but cosmic illusions and thoughts. Timeless sensations and painful understandings.
DEPRESSION - by Jasmine Magdi
When you feel that death is now inside,  and your despair begins to float above,  that's my friend,  is when Depression has arrived .
 Hello Darkness,  my old Friend.
into  paint - by yassersalah

Painter drawing board in with ink Which found In abandoned palace of his family But the ink was cursed By his painter grandfather So he ravished into the paint
when it become too dark ... remember there is another light in somewhere else.. don't give up and wait ..
rise above your fear ... rise above your hate it may seem to you now a blocky dark way .. 
but if you search well you may find a new gate!
Down - by Oday Abu zaeed

everyone has his own puppet master, the thing that paralyze you drive away your control from your own life and it's your decision to cut its string and take back your life or stay pendulous in its own stings
I will travel to another world .. I will make this world "darkness" .. I will be the leader .. I'll be alone in this world .. and you will not be with me in this world
industries with influence and power used to actively cause wars for personal gain
reborn - by ahmed karam
between life and death just a line .which i stuck in the middle.. dont know who am i!!
.. am i the monster which you made .
. or the protector who you think  .. iam life .. iam death .
.iam the pain who never ask for this..
The cava fear - by Hanaa Medhat
Fear..that destroy ,kill your passion, your life and your soul, control You like a hollow body until You be just like an Eco.
That's what i feel when i listen to "Evanescence"
The land of Darkness Goddess - Abdelrahman Adel
Dark land was ruled by three priests worship the devil does not enter only people with the uncanny ability to be able to confront the hidden tricks.
Trauma - by Shady Hamza
The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma
Darkness - by Mahmoud Osama

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. even if it's your demon inside.
Trip1 - Dark Episodes