Character Design & Visual Development Portfolio 2016

Fisherman Development,  Render Concept Art  & Expression Sheet for an upcoming animation shortfilm


Fisherman Development,  Turn Around and Actitud Sheet for an upcoming animation shortfilm​
BG DEsign, Value and color studies for a personal project
He Man  My Childhood Hero Character developement
Bruce Lee Character developement and research / Filoh Motion Studio 
Bunch of Kids and Teen Character design ,Personal Project   /  Samurai Digital Sketching  for Up coming Animation Test.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Character Design for Animation Project , Silouethe Exploration and Key Poses Concept  for possible Transformation. / Filoh Motion Studio. 
Zelda Ilustration &  Ganon  Character desgin Process / Character Design Challenge 
BG DEsign, Value and color studies for a Cartoon Tv Serie 
Line Up  Costume  Re- Design For Fanta Global Tv Comercial  "Fanta Mummy" / Filoh Motion Studio. 
Devil Character design , Gravity Falls Style Study  / Academic Project
Ilustration X-Men  Wolverine  Comic Style
Life drawing, Gesture , sketches and studies 
Heavy Metal Character Design and Enviorment Design  / Character Design Challenge , Personal Ilustration