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    An iPad App designed for children to teach them tidying up habits.
'Tidy-Kids' App by Jolly Wombat
Challenge: To create playful characters and illustrations for an iPad game for children below 4 years. The aim was to design an app such that tidying up a room becomes a fun activity for children, something that they look forward to playing at the end of the day.
And it is about playing *together* rather than leaving kids alone in front of the screen. Best of all, when the game is over, the room is tidy! 

Idea / Solution: 
For 'Task illustrations':
We decided to use plasticine as the medium to illustrate, because it is one of the mediums that a child can connect to very easily . For every task description, a lot of research was done to understand how kids relate to the shapes and colors and gestures. Also, to support the main illustration in plasticine, some line work is added to create an environment for the characters and help kids understand the task better.