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    Project brief based on creating a visual identity for a music festival showcasing artists and a specific genre of music through a responsive sing… Read More
    Project brief based on creating a visual identity for a music festival showcasing artists and a specific genre of music through a responsive single page website created within Adobe Muse. - Oliver Lenain Read Less
A Sound Identity.
For this brief we were assigned the task of developing a visual identity for a music festival in the form of a responsive one-page site created within Adobe Muse.​​​​​​​
The group were given a selection of genres, each one had their own line-ups and name. We were also asked to choose from a list of various locations in which our festival would take place. I personally chose to rebrand the folk festival which had the title 'FolkeyDokey'. I decided Bergen, Noway was the most appropriate location for a folk music festival.

Working on 'FolkeyDokey' was a very enjoyable and familiar experience for me as I had already had experience creating single-page festival sites. After studying the genre I feel the music can be seen as upbeat but it in a more free flowing and relaxed way. It has been regarded as the genre of storytelling. I feel its the sort of music that helps bring people together. I decided that due to the music being more 'organic' I wanted to make a website that is very clear, unspoilt and represents my chosen location. Bergen, Norway.  
My choice of location which was Bergen played an important part in my thought process. I felt in order to make the site reflect the city I needed to make certain design decisions to achieve this. Firstly I researched images of Bergen in order to try and work out a colour scheme that i could then apply to the whole site. Secondly I made an illustration of Bergen's iconic waterfront and implemented it into the site,
For the about section of the final site i wanted to maintain a structured but scattered feel. I did this by introducing a five column grid. My aim was to provide clear information about where and when the festival is. As an added form of interaction I decided to make each image transition into a GIF when rolled over. Still using a five column grid I decided that for the line up page i would split the artists up across the two days. For each artists image i decided to apply a colour from my selected colour scheme. Also i made it so when the user hovers over an artist it will say ‘click to visit website’ and the artists website will open in a new tab.
The ticket section i wanted to keep very simple. I wanted to make it clear exactly what tickets are on offer without cluttering the section. Also i thought as Bergen is a city there would not be any camping so i decided to create a section that highlights ticket + accommodation bundles. For the last section of the site which is about location i decided to add some scroll effects to the imagery of bergen to give a sense of interaction. I felt if i left the info in single columns it would appear to squashed so i stretched it across two. Lastly i added the custom Google Maps to highlight where the festival is.​​​​​​​
For my font choice i decided that Courier New would work best for what i am wanting to achieve as it works well when linked with folk. The font itself has a traditional feel that works well with ideas i am trying to achieve.