HULK SMASH!!!! (Digital)
Hulk Digital Painting Progress
After seeing the Avengers and being a huge Hulk fan I decided I'd do a digital painting of The Hulk. Also a good test for digital colouring and creating a good colour pallette.
Began on a grey background and did a rough sketch of the arm. I kind of new I wanted him to be running at this stage but was unsure of which angel I wanted to view him from. So this still left me with some time to get drawing without having to make that decision straight away. About 10mins at this stage.
Decided to use a reference image I found of a sprinter running from straight on. Exaggerated the upper proportions and put in viens. About 30mins.
Still sketching and tweaking the proportions to get them right. Hulk generally has gorilla proportions I quickly realised. Small head, big hands, shoulders and chest. Approx. 45mins
Began roughing in shade to work out where the light would be from. Had a dark image in mind originally. Also began drawing the legs and stopped as I wasn't happy with them. Approx. 1hr
Redrew the legs and clothing. Kind of gave him a clumsy Lou Ferigno pose here. Not sure why :/ Approx 1hr20mins
Started with a base colour layer and then a few layers on multiply which I used a large soft Brush on low-medium opacity and flow. The greens are to desaturated really but If it's going to be a dark image then they should be. Approx 1hr45mins
Started putting in some light colours and thought it would be a nice touch (and add more to the dull green of it all) if his viens and eyes were "gamma infused". Approx 2hr15mins
Painted in the dark and lights of his hair. Ended up looking wet which wasn't exactly what I was aiming for but...meh! Decide If I was going to give him a Lou Ferigno pose, a 2008 movie Hulk face I might as well give him cartoon/comic book style purple trousers. Also, it does need some colour to spruce it all up. Approx. 3hrs
Finished filling in the base color of the face. Started bringing out more detail in the body and face. Begun workin in the background detail and blocking in color. Approx 5hrs
Added more detail and shade to the face and continued working in the base background detail. Approx 7hrs.
More glow added to the eyes and finished filling in the base background. Continued adding detail to the background in preparation for the dust and rubble effects to be put in. Almost ready for the final phase of painting. Approx 10hrs