3D Paper : Genetic Modification in Food
Unnatural Evolution:
3D Teaching Tool about Genetically Modified Food

Project Description:
Develop a concept to create a 3D paper city/game/tool. Develop templates for paper shapes to represent the concept. Design graphics for all of the paper shapes. Package the entire project in a flat way that is meant to be built. Package must include diagrams to build paper shapes, a project description, flat versions of all the templates, any additional info necessary to explain the concept.

Creative Reasoning:
When concepting early in the project I came up with the idea to create a teaching tool for high school aged students aimed to teach them about genetic modification of food in our current generation. All of the paper shapes I create are simplified, almost iconic versions of the real food they represent. The graphics on the boxes are simple patterns created from the idea of simplifying textures. All of the boxes have magnets glued on the interior so students can combine them together according to a list of rules and regulations to help with the teaching process.

The package consists of:
-Box to contain books and templates.
-1 large book containing: table of package contents, Genetic Modification history, History of food modification infographic, project colophon.
-10 smaller books, one for each type of food, and one representing ecoli bacteria. Each small book contains: History of the fruit or veggie, Diagram of how to build each box, rules about how the box can be used in the game.
-Copies of all of the box templates.

All of the books and box were hand made by myself.


Complete paper food set.
Package paired with paper food.
Box containing all elements of the project.
Open box lined with same blue used in the ecoli paper box.
All elements of the package: Box templates up front, food books at right middle, Teaching book at left middle, box in the back.
The of the front sides of the paper food templates.
Backs of the food box templates, pattern made from simplified icons representing the food and used throughout the package.
Individual food books paired with the paper box templates.
Individual food books, all handmade and staple bound to represent real production methods.
Individual food books, each is labeled on the front and paired with a simplified icon.
Example of first spread of one of the smaller individual food books. The interior of the covers are covered in the same pattern on the backs of the templates.
Shot of paper Ecoli with real fruits and veggies.
Back and Front cover of the bigger information book. The green texture is supposed to represent bacteria used in genetic modification.
First spread of the big book.
Second spread of the big book : package table of contents.
Third spread of big book: Project introduction.
Fourth spread of the big book: History of genetic modification.
Fifth spread of the big book: Infographic about genetic modification in food.
Sixth spread of the big book: Project colophon.
Seventh spread of the big book: Bacteria pattern.
First page of small book: Banana
First spread of Banana book: History and image.
Second spread of Banana book: Diagrams to build paper box. (Each book has specifically designed diagrams to build each box.)
Third spread of Banana book: Image and Pros & Cons (rules for the teaching game, each fruit and veggie has different pros and cons written by myself.)
Final page of Banana book: Bacteria pattern (same final page in all of the small books.)
Appreciation is greatly appreciated!
3D Paper : Genetic Modification in Food