Pollen Predictor – International Space Apps Challenge
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    Shows the pollen count level in your area for the next morning. Updated with live information from the MetOffice.
Pollen Predictor
International Space Apps Challenge at the Met Office, Exeter
Connect and Survive!
Data Informer

For a lot of people having access to medical information can be scary – often resulting is life-threatening situations – particularly when dealing with chronic diseases. In Connect and Survive! we want people to learn to manage long term healthcare through connecting to healthcare information in their homes. We don't want people to have to log on and check deck on a screen, we want people to have data made physical and visible in their homes.

The example we are showing here is for ambient display objects to reveal the status of the next day's pollen count. This way, asthmatics and hay fever sufferers can start to plan what they need to do in advance as part of their daily routine – not something that requires a log-in and check routine (I know – I don't do it!).
The bigger picture is that we could apply this to a range of healthcare products that fits with how we live our lives on a daily basis. 

Let's connect to healthcare in new ways!

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