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The 24 Solar Terms - Character Design
24 Solar Terms
A personal project in 2014. I designed and illustrated animals for the traditional East Asian 24 solar terms.
For each term, I merged the featured vegetable or fruit, or the special environmetal changes of that weather into the animal.
Not all the terms has a related animal, and usually several terms share the same vegetables. I tried to select and arrange them for better design and visual diversity.
立春 LiChun (Start of Spring)    |    Lake ice starting to melt, fishes approach to the surface.
雨水 YuShui (Rain Water)    |    Rains a lot, Otters hunts fish.
驚蟄 JingZhe (Awakening of Insects)    |    Thunderstorms wake up the hibernating insects.
春分 ChunFen (Vernal Equinox)    |    Swallows making thier northward migration, day time is as long as night time.
清明 QingMing (Clear and Bright)    |    The paulownia begins to bloom, Rainbows begin to appear.
穀雨 GuYu (Grain Rain)    |    Time to plant ginger, Peony blooms.
立夏 Lixia (Start of Summer)    |    Asparagus; peach.
小滿 XiaoMan (Grain Full)    |    Grain rice gradually turn plump; litchi.
芒種 MangZhong (Grain in Ear)    |    Grains such as barley or wheat covered with spikes.
夏至 XiaZhi (Summer Solstice)    |    Summer's extreme, longest day time; watermelon.
小暑 XiaoShu (Minor Heat)    |    The second hottest period; papaya.
大暑 DaShu (Major Heat)    |    The hottest period in the year; firefly.
立秋 LiQiu (Start of Autumn)    |    Longan.
處暑 ChuShu (Limit of Heat)    |    Bamboo shoot.
白露 BaiLu (White Dew)    |    Getting cool, dew appears on leaves in the early morning; pitaya, taro.
秋分 QiuFen (Autumnal Equinox)    |    Day time is as long as night time; green onion, pear.
寒露 HanLu (Cold Dew)    |    The geese finished their migration in summer; lotus root.
霜降 ShuangJiang (Frost Descent)    |    Persimmon, yam.
立冬 LiDong (Start of Winter)    |    Sugar-apples.
小雪 XiaoXue (Minor Snow)    |    Grape, Chinese cabbage.
大雪 DaXue (Major Snow)    |    Cabbage, kumquat.
冬至 DongZhi (Winter Solstice)    |    Winter's extreme, longest night time. Deer shed their antlers. Eating pink and white tangyuan in the family reunion.
小寒 XiaoHan (Minor Cold)    |    Eurasian magpie start to feel the warm and build the nest; crown daisy.
大寒 DaHan (Major Cold)    |    Falcon hunting, ice layer on water become the thickest in the year; radish.
The 24 Solar Terms - Character Design

The 24 Solar Terms - Character Design

24 solar term into animal character designs, merged with featured vegetables, fruits, or weather changes. 2014